Is there any special feature of Kaspersky Internet Security?

 Kaspersky antivirus software is designed by keeping advanced malware in mind and hence, it has the capability to fight against those unwanted bugs or viruses which aren’t safe for your device. This security software can be easily installed and one can enjoy the tough and powerful security of this software program.

Is there any special feature of Kaspersky Internet Security?

Kaspersky internet security is the best and strongest security software when it comes to providing extensive protection to the devices against online threats. As the name suggests, Kaspersky internet security provides powerful protection to the devices against Internet threats and other such bugs which enter your device through the internet. We are here with the specialty of Kaspersky internet security through which it protects your device.

Kaspersky Internet Security: The Amazing Protection

There are some outstanding security features of this Kaspersky Internet Security software suite and we are here with all of them in detail.

Computer Security

Every threat is handled by a dedicated security component and you can enable and disable these components and configure their settings. Apart from the real-time protection offered by the security components, it is recommended to scan your PC regularly for viruses and other malware. This is essential to prevent any possible malicious program spreads which have not been discovered by the security components, because of the low-security level was set or for other reasons.

To keep Kaspersky Internet Security up-to-date, you will need to update the databases and application modules that are used by the application. Some particular tasks should be run sometimes and are performed by using advanced tools and wizards.

Anti-Virus File

Anti-Virus file prevents the computer file system infection. The component launches upon startup of the OS continuously remains in the RAM of the computer and scans all files which are saved, opened, or launched on your PC and all connected drives. Kaspersky Internet Security interrupts every attempt to access a file and scans the file for the known viruses as well as other malware. Access to the file is allowed only if the file is not infected or is disinfected successfully by the applications. If a file cannot be disinfected for any reason and it is deleted.

A file copy is moved to Quarantine when that occurs and if an infected file is placed in the same location where the deleted file with the same name used to be, Quarantine saved only a copy of the last file. A previous file copy with the same name will not be saved.

Mail Anti-Virus and Web Scanner

Mail Anti-Virus scans incoming and outgoing email messages on your computer. An email message is available to the recipient only if it doesn’t have dangerous objects. Web anti-virus interferes and blocks the execution of the script on the websites if they pose a threat. It also monitors all web traffic and blocks access to dangerous websites.

Application Control

Application Control logs actions conducted by applications in the operating system and manages the activity of the application that is based on the group to which the component has assigned an application. A set of rules is specified for every application group. These rules help to manage the applications’ access to several resources of operating systems.

Network Attack Blocker

Network Attack Blocker loads at the operating system startup and tracks incoming network traffic for activities characteristic of network attacks. When an attempt to attack your computer is detected, Kaspersky Internet Security blocks all network activity from the attacking PC which is aimed at your PC.

Trusted Applications Mode

Trusted Applications mode safeguards the PC from applications that might be unsafe and insecure. When Trusted Applications mode is enabled, Kaspersky Internet Security allows running only applications which are identified as trusted.

These are the exact specialty of Kaspersky Internet Security and you can keep your device completely secured and protected. Contact the expert team at Kaspersky Help Number UK to get instant help for installation or activation

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Installation and setup of Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 for Mac

 Now that the world of information technology is becoming more and more advanced with each passing day, the advancement is also making it all very easy for unauthorized sources to take access to computers and devices, in the world of latest technologies the systems have also become easily prone to viral attacks, spyware, Trojans and malware infections. So, it has really become important for people to keep software like Kaspersky installed on their systems and devices for safety purposes.

Installing the software on Windows operating systems have always been easy and smooth for people, but as it comes to Mac they often find themselves stuck, so for all such Mac users here in the blog as per the demand of the blog topic we will see the process to be followed for Installation and setup of Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 for Mac. Here we will see in detail each and every step of the procedure so that the users will be able to get it done easily.

There are two different procedures that the user can follow one is local installation the other is remote installation, we will discuss both the procedures here at length.

Installation and setup of Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 for Mac

Local Installation: The user should follow the steps as given below:

⦁ The endpoint security for the Mac installer should be downloaded from the official Kaspersky Website
⦁ The installer should be given a run on the system and the installation wizard steps should be followed
⦁ In the essential protection window, the important actions should be given permission
⦁ As the last step, the user should click “continue”

Remote Installation:In order to get the remote installation done, the user should follow the given steps:

⦁ The configuration profile should be applied to the device
⦁ A remote installation task should be created for Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac through the Kaspersky Security Center.
⦁ After creation, it should be given a run on the system
⦁ Root certificate should be installed
⦁ Encrypted Traffic should be intercepted
⦁ As the last step, the user should click “continue”

If other than all of the information that has been provided here regarding the Installation and setup of Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 for Mac the user feels the need to know anything more than in that case, the best option for the user is to take help from the team of technicians they can be connected for the required help at Kaspersky care number UK, also the user can get in touch with the experts through the option of live chats and Emails there is no such issue related to the software that the experts may fail to resolve, the software in itself has always been very easy for the people to use and further the friendly support has made it very easy and smooth for the users, under the guidance and support of the experts the user can also ask help for some other Kaspersky related issues as well if the user gets to face any while using the software on any of the operating systems

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Why Kaspersky Internet Security is not starting?

 Kaspersky Internet Security is the best security software and it will protect your device against viruses and malware. This security software is known for having excellent features that make it special among all other security suites. There might be an issue sometimes when Internet Security stops working on your device and at that time your device goes under danger.

Why Kaspersky Internet Security is not starting?

We are here for a few reasons due to which it stops working on your device. In this application, the user can be required to log in the user name and password will be needed and it remains a personal security ID. It is quite disappointing when Kaspersky Internet Security is not starting and, let’s move ahead with the reasons and its resolutions.

Causes of Kaspersky Internet Security is not starting –

  • It might be possible that your Kaspersky Internet Security gets old
  • There might be possible the Kaspersky Internet Security subscription failed
  • There might be an error because of an old Windows version
  • You have an issue with the internet connection

Resolution for Kaspersky Internet Security is not starting –

Whatever the reason is, Kaspersky Internet Security is not starting issue that can be easily fixed just by following a few steps given below. Let’s move ahead with the resolution one by one.

Update Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security might get you stuck while starting because of an old version and hence, it is recommended to install all updates of Kaspersky Internet Security. For that,

  • Go to the Kaspersky official website then, click on the link that appears lower-left corner of the main application window
  • Then, open the message about the advanced version of the application and the message have a description of the new features
  • Now this is time to click on the Download and install option to update the newest version of Kaspersky Internet Security

Buy the Kaspersky Internet Security Subscription

If you are stuck with the Kaspersky Internet Security then, all you need to do is to check the subscription status of internet security. If the subscription has failed or gets expired then, you might face this issue. You just have to renew the subscription to Kaspersky Internet Security. To do so,

  • First of all, open your Kaspersky application
  • Now, click on the “Renew” button from the main interface
  • You can start the purchase procedure easily
  • You easily can manually enter the license detail to be taken to the appropriate renewal page

Install all Available updates of Windows

When your Windows gets old, you might get stuck with Kaspersky Internet Security not working issue. In such a case, all you need to do is to check the available update of the Windows operating system. An old windows version is not compatible with Kaspersky Internet Security and hence, you will need to go to Settings and then, search for the Windows update. If it is available then, update it now.

Check Network Connection

If there is a weak internet connection then, Kaspersky Internet Security will never work on your device and hence, you will need to check the internet connection. If it is weak then, you should change the network connection and try again to use Kaspersky Internet Security. You should disconnect the currently connected internet and then, try again to connect with good internet.

Follow the on-screen instructions to fix these Kaspersky Internet Security errors and if the error still occurs even after following these above-given methods then, contact Kaspersky Contact Number UK to get in touch with the technical experts. They are highly experienced and knowledgeable of Kaspersky-related errors and issues so they will help you out with possible resolutions.

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How to get fixings for Kaspersky Error 1922?

 Kaspersky antivirus has become one of the best security software when it comes to protecting your device against viruses, malware, and threats. You might get stuck with the Kaspersky Error 1922 due to which your PC will no longer be protected as Kaspersky won’t protect your device.

You can fix Kaspersky Error 1922 just by following a few steps given below. Before that, just make sure to keep your device fully charged

Check the Internet Connection


First of all, check the internet connection as there might be a loss in the internet connection which stops working on your device. Because of this, the Kaspersky application won’t work on your system. So it is advisable to ensure that your network connection is working properly on your system.

How to get fixings for Kaspersky Error 1922?

Check Your System Privileges

Secondly, check your system for compatibility privileges to allow you to install any application. Often Kaspersky antivirus Error 1922 pop-ups while the hard disk hasn’t ample space. Therefore, check your system privileges if it is correct or not. Might be there have sufficient privileges which stop the installation of system services.

Conduct a System Device Driver Check

Make sure that your system has the latest update drivers or a system service may be corrupted or damaged. One thing is to keep in mind that your computer has essential to update drivers in time and not only to avoid the issue and the fastest speed of your PC. Might be because of this reason, Kaspersky Error 1922 comes that isn’t giving the allowance for the antivirus installation.


Check your PC BIOS, maybe it incompatible, or might be required to be updated. If it fails to work then, move ahead with the next step.

Re-install the Kaspersky Antivirus

If you are still facing this error 1922 then, just conduct a clean installation of Kaspersky and for that, call Kaspersky Customer Care phone to get in touch with the technical experts. The technical experts are always there to help you and provide the exact way through which you can reinstall your Kaspersky antivirus.

These are the exact way to get rid of Kaspersky error 11922 and by following the given steps you easily can overcome. It is advisable to conduct these steps immediately so that Kaspersky can start protecting your device without any error or issue

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How to differentiate between Kaspersky security cloud and Kaspersky total security

 Kaspersky is one such security providing software program that is famous among people for all the advanced and latest features that it offers to the users it is through all of these features and the advances that people are able to get the software program working efficiently on the system all the time. Also, the software programs that are designed under the brand name of Kaspersky are always seen as very well compatible with all the different types of computers and the devices and also the operating systems.

How to differentiate between Kaspersky security cloud and Kaspersky total security

But there is not just one there are many security software programs that are available under the brand name of Kaspersky antivirus, so as there are so many software programs available under the brand name of Kaspersky the users are often found stuck and confused among those products, so this way it becomes very difficult for the users to differentiate among them. Talking about all the Kaspersky products in one go will again leave the users confused so for now here we will discuss the difference between Kaspersky security cloud and Kaspersky Total Security.  

Almost all the features of both the products are similar to each other, so we can say that there is not any basic difference between the two but still as the company itself has come up with two different names for these two products so there has to be at least a slight difference between the two.

There are certain important components that are not there in Kaspersky Total Security but they are there in the Kaspersky security cloud, those components are the ones that are maintaining the difference between the two software programs of the same brand.

A detailed list of the components that are available in the Kaspersky security cloud and not in Kaspersky Total Security is given below:

  • Hard Drive Health Monitor: This particular component has been added to the cloud security in order to keep a check on the condition and workings of the hard drive that is there in the computer.
  • Password Checker: This one component has been added to Kaspersky Security Cloud for notifying and sending a warning to the user regarding a weak or easy password, this way it helps the user in the setup of a strong password that is not very easy to guess thus more security is added to the computer that is in use.
  • Identical Password Checker: This component of Kaspersky Security Cloud keeps the user notified regarding the use of the same passwords at two different places on the system, if one would use the same password everywhere on the system then that can cause a serious security breach. If in case there will be an updated Kaspersky password manager installed on the system then this component will remain disabled.
  • Weak Settings Control: The component is known for scanning the system for the checking of insecure settings, after identifying the insecure settings the user will also get fixes recommended for those settings.
  • Security News: This component helps the users with the identification of safe and secure applications and also it helps them in identifying the websites before visiting as to if they are safe or not.

So, these are all the components that establish a difference between Kaspersky security cloud and Kaspersky Total Security, if other than this the user feels the need to know anything more related to the Kaspersky security software brand then the user should get in touch with the experts at Kaspersky Help Number UK, also the option of live chats and Emails remains open for easy establishment of contact the lines are kept open 24*7.Source URL:-

Kaspersky downloading taking time: What to do

 If you are stuck because Kaspersky is taking too long while downloading then, there is definitely a weak internet connection behind it. Yes, the Kaspersky setup file requires a good network connection to download and if there is a weak one then, it will take too much time to complete the entire process of downloading.

Sometimes, there might be an old version of the Operating System behind the slow Kaspersky download. The older OS version won’t work perfectly. Not only Kaspersky downloading taking time, but the entire PC performance gets slow because of the old OS version. In such a case, you should check the available update of your operating system and install it immediately. When you are done with the OS update installation then, you will be asked to restart your device and at that time, follow the prompts and then, try to download Kaspersky again.

After a successful installation, if you come to know that Kaspersky is interfering with your internet connection as it is responding slowly then, this is the time to fix it immediately by following a few steps given below.

Kaspersky downloading taking time: What to do

Kaspersky Slow Internet Connection


There is a big chance that you are using a laptop and you have switched the battery settings to power-saving mode. It will lessen the performance for you and hence your PC is working slower than usual. You will need to change these settings to optimized mode as Kaspersky takes some of the hardware resources to work effectively and might be putting some damage to the processor.

You also can find some extra settings in the Kaspersky dashboard which will let you change these settings. You will need to disable the battery savings if that is enabled and you will need to turn on the gaming profile because it will enable the PC to run at the best and have enhanced performance through all the aspects.


Kaspersky has state-of-art security that scans any files which are being run over the network or being downloaded by you. It is also effective to scan all the software program regularly which are using the network, therefore, you PC can remain safe and secure from all viruses, malware, bugs, hackers, and adware which can steal your information.

Although if you think that software program a part of a trusted source that is safe and secure and it might be causing slow internet issues unnecessarily. You will have the option to Pause File Anti-Virus in the dashboard of Kaspersky. You can easily pause file antivirus for a preferred period of time or you just can set exceptions for the software which you can trust so that Kaspersky won’t scan that software.


There are some firewall settings that block the internet traffic and can cause you to have a slow internet more than usual. All you need to do is to conduct a thorough look at the firewall settings and accept any software program which you think is a trusted source to use so that it won’t be scanned or blocked by the firewall. There is the possibility that some viruses or infected files appeared in your device so having a firewall or any security features isn’t recommended.


Kaspersky has become one of the powerful security infrastructures there with a number of security protocols, algorithms, and more that are turned on to be running at all times and safeguard your PC from a vast range of threats.

You might be using a normal PC that comes with standard hardware which might be causing you to have a slow internet connection. All you need to do is to ensure that you have upgraded the PC to at least less hardware by Kaspersky to have your computer run at the best performance and have no internet speed issue.

These are the possible fixings for Kaspersky if it is not updating. You will need to contact Kaspersky Help Support Care UK and get in touch with the technical experts for instant and reliable assistance. The technical experts are always there to serve you best for better resolutions

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Does Kaspersky protect me after the license expires?

For the device’s powerful security, Kaspersky antivirus works best in the market among all other security software programs. This security software is designed by keeping advanced threats, malware, and other viruses in mind, and hence, it will work fantastically for providing excellent protection to your device. It assures that there will be no such unwanted bugs available on your device.

Does Kaspersky protect me after the license expires?

You can subscribe to Kaspersky antivirus to get advanced and powerful security on your device. It means if you have a subscription to Kaspersky then, your device will entirely be protected. But when the license expires, you will no longer be protected against viruses and malware. Kaspersky won’t protect you after the license expires and hence, you should renew the subscription immediately.

Things happen when the Kaspersky license expires

When the Kaspersky license expires then, your device door gets opened for the threats, malware, and other unwanted bugs that might make your personal things vulnerable. It means that there is a risk while using your device without any security software and Kaspersky without subscription is of no use. In such a case, all you need to do is to get the subscription as soon as possible to keep everything safe and secure on your device.

We are here with the exact procedure of Kaspersky license renewal and you have to follow the given steps as it is given below in this guide. But before the renewal procedure, make sure that you are using the latest version of Kaspersky and you have a new license key that you have purchased from the online store or Kaspersky office website.

Renewal of Kaspersky Antivirus

You can specify a new activation code without waiting for the recent license to expire and when the recent license expires, Kaspersky anti-virus is activated automatically with the additional activation code.

To specify an additional activation code for automatic renewal of the license-

  • First of all, open the main application window
  • See in the lower of the new main window, click on the License: days remaining link to open the License window
  • In the window that opens, in the New activation code section, you have to click on Enter Activation code button
  • Enter the activation code in the corresponding fields and then, click on the Add button

Kaspersky antivirus will send the data to the Kaspersky Lab activation server for verification and after the license expires then, the activation server will recheck the data during the first attempt for the application activation with the new activation code.

  • Now, click on the Done option and the new activation code will be appeared in the License window

The application is activated automatically with the new activation code when the license expires and you also can activate the application on a manual basis using a new activation code, just by clicking on the Activate now button. This button is available in case if the application hasn’t been activated automatically. This option is unavailable before the license expired.

These are a few steps through which you can activate your Kaspersky subscription and in case, if you are facing any issues then, all you need to do is to call the Kaspersky Support Number UK and get in touch with the experts for instant assistance. You will need to keep a good internet connection on your device while renewing of subscription. In case, if you think that there is an issue while using the Kaspersky license then, you can claim to get the refund within 30 days of payment. The expert team will also help you in this case so call them anytime you need instant help regarding the installation, uninstallation, and activation.

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 Kaspersky antivirus has become the top-most choice across the world because of its powerful and excellent security tools and features. If you are using Kaspersky antivirus on your Windows 10 and get stuck because of an error 1935 then, you won’t be able to protect your Windows device. This error will really irritate you because of its stubborn and annoying symptoms.

You can fix Kaspersky Error 1935 very quickly and for that, you will have to follow a few troubleshooting steps given below.

Fixing 1 – Check Kaspersky Antivirus – There might be an issue from the Kaspersky antivirus’s end as it can interfere with the system and hence, get stuck with the installation of certain apps so disable certain antivirus or disable the antivirus altogether.

If removal works then, it is okay but if the error still persists then, move ahead with the next fixing

Instant Fixing for Kaspersky Error 1935 on Windows

Fixing 2 – Command Prompt – First of all, it is perfect when you know that you are receiving 1935 error while you trying to install software then, there is a chance that Windows file system transaction is damaged or corrupted

Fixing 3 – Registry Modification – Sometimes error 1935 might appear because of registry entries issue and you make a couple of changes in the registry.

Fixing 4 – Use Application in Compatibility Mode – Despite being modified for older applications, you can use the Compatibility mode for updated applications as well. Set the application in compatibility mode, the issue should be now fixed completely.

Fixing 5 – Missing Updates Installation – Sometimes there might be issues on your system which can is behind this issue and you can fix it just by installing the missing Windows updates.

Windows 10 automatically gets updated but sometimes it creates an issue by missing an update or might be two

If there are any available updates then, they will automatically be downloaded in the background and installed when you restart your computer. When you install your system update then, check if the error gets resolved.

In case, if you find that the error still persists then, you only have the last way left that is Kaspersky Helpline service. This is the exact way to get instant resolution regarding any Kaspersky-related issues or error code. The technical experts are highly trained and well-known with all technical errors and hence, they will provide exact fixings for that issue.

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Is it possible to get quick help from Kaspersky Phone Number?

Kaspersky antivirus is designed specifically to fight against advanced viruses, malware, and threats. This security software never disappoints the users in terms of performance and security. All thanks to its excellent security features and tools that will help to provide comprehensive protection to the devices. This security software is known for having all those strong security tools that a person requires for their device’s security.

There are some technical glitches and error codes associated with this security software due to which users might get stuck. Well, these errors and not that much easy to fix but some are very easy to fix which can be fixed just after restarting devices or restarting the application too. But there is a fact that every error occurs because of some reason and when you address that reason you might fix that error too (if the reason is non-technical).

Is it possible to get quick help from Kaspersky Phone Number?

If the error is technical as there is any technical term that appeared on the screen of which you have no idea then, it is highly recommended to not get into the way to fix this error. Because non-technical error can be fixed just by managing a few things but when it comes to technology it requires a complete procedure for fixing.

Calling a stranger or consulting a friend or just getting in touch with an unauthorized technical person might steal your personal data and many other things like this. You can get quick help from Kaspersky Phone Number regarding the same. Now, the question arises about the reliability and performance of calling on the phone number, and hence, we are here with a few facts that will clear all doubts that come to mind while choosing the reliable contact number of Kaspersky antivirus.

Kaspersky Phone Number – Reliability and Credibility

Since the year in this domain, Kaspersky customer care service is working on the front foot to provide hassle-free assistance to their customers when it comes to deal with Kaspersky-related errors or any queries asked by the users. This service is rendered under the guidance of skilled professional teams who are certified and known for having advanced knowledge of Kaspersky antivirus.

The specialty of Kaspersky Technical Experts

Kaspersky technical experts not only serve solutions but you also can ask the reason behind that error so that you can keep that in mind for further convenience. The experts are highly experienced and they are available there 24/7 to assist you with your Kaspersky-related errors and issues. They will promise you to provide the exact resolution in the shortest time frame (depends on the seriousness of the error).

  • Installation & Uninstallation of Kaspersky
  • Activation and Update of Kaspersky
  • Kaspersky Not working on Windows or Android device
  • Kaspersky error while loading and scanning
  • Kaspersky taking too long to scan or start
  • Any feature related queries or any security settings assistance
  • Any Kaspersky Error code

Why choose Kaspersky Customer Care Service

There is nothing like fraud or fake calls with this Kaspersky customer care service. Because technical experts are highly experienced and certified so, they will never ask for any of your private information or financial/bank details. Actually, there is no need to share any of your personal or bank-related information with anyone as there are no such errors that can be fixed by getting these details. If you have ever asked to do so then disconnect the call and then, call the Kaspersky Helpline Number UK and get reliable assistance from the skilled professionals of Kaspersky antivirus. They are updated with all Kaspersky-related information, changes, and new releases so they have a complete idea about the resolution of any particular error.

You only have to call them and tell them about the symptoms which you are facing with the error and then, sit relax as they will provide remote assistance to you and assure complete satisfaction. Remote assistance means, you nothing have to do as the expert will ask permission to access your device and when you allow access then, they start resolving your error and they never get into your personal files or folders as they only have access to the troubleshooting area. It not only seems reliable but it is really safe to contact them for any Kaspersky-related issues and errors.

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 Are you a small business owner then, you must know that how precious your business is? Kaspersky antivirus also knows how valuable your business data is as it comes with excellent features and security tools. These security features protect your business against cyber threats with simple to use and straightforward to manage solutions which set you free to get on with sensitive and private data.

Kaspersky Small Office Security helps to protect more of the things which matter to your business including business data, files, and some other important and sensitive documents. You can download Kaspersky Small Office Security that combines the simplicity of the home PC security with the special capabilities to secure your business when your employees are working. Kaspersky antivirus comes with “set and forgets” security and it protects your Mac and Windows PCs and laptops, and your Windows file servers to protect the files which are precious for you.

How to get instant fixing for Kaspersky Error 50?

Install and Download Kaspersky Small Office Security from the Installer

Download the Kaspersky Small Office Security installation package from the official website of Kaspersky or through the link which you have received in email from the online store

• Run the installer and wait unless the wizard finds the updated Kaspersky version of just click on Skip to install the latest one
• Click on Continue and read the End User License Agreement carefully and if you agree with the terms and conditions then, click on Accept
• If you have chosen to skip the End User License Agreement then, the program won’t be installed • Now, this is the time to read the Kaspersky Security Network carefully and click on Accept
• Click on Decline in case if you are prompted to participate in the Kaspersky Security Network Program
• Read the messages about the possible errors while the installation process and click on the Install
• Now, wait for the installation to complete it and make sure that all the parameters are enabled in the window of Recommended section and click on Apply and click on Done

Kaspersky Small Office Security has been successfully installed. When you are done with the installation then, you will get powerful security to your device.

Convenient Web Portal

As a business security suite, Kaspersky Small Office Security comes with the dedicated portal that is for your ease where you can check the license status as well as expiration date and see the devices which are protected and contact the Kaspersky Care if you need any assistance regarding this.


It helps to safeguard Windows file servers from the crypto lockers. System Watcher detects and blocks malicious activity and allows the rollback of the malicious actions. Software updater provides a new updates list available for the installed applications that make it simple to remove outdated and unused system data.


If you love to work while traveling then, Kaspersky Lab’s mobile security technologies mean that you will stay protected while you are working from anywhere when employees use their own mobile devices for work. It helps to safeguard Android-based tablets and Smartphones that include lock, wipe, and missing devices location.


It helps to backup and encrypt the sensitive data to keep it safe from breaches, fines, and lost business with the help of its advanced technologies. Data vault provides an additional security layer with the help of password-protected storage on the PC to keep the private and sensitive data away from hackers and unwanted bugs.


It effectively helps to protect you against business data and network hacking and for that, it blocks malicious sites. It also helps to block suspicious downloads and filters phishing emails and malicious attachments as well. This feature will search for unsafe and unwanted browser extensions and remove them to secure your privacy with the special functionality “do not track”.

These are a few features which Kaspersky Small Office Security as they help to keep your sensitive data and other official documents safe and secure.

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